Is equate cholortabs allerge bad for you since they are drugs?

Answer Medicines are fine as long as they are only used when you really need them. Using them too much or when you don't need them is when things get dangerous

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When they say shrooms, as in drugs, what kind of mushrooms are they?

Psylocibin is the scientific name. They are also called magic or psychedelic mushrooms. They make you hallucinate (see and hear and feel things that aren't there). You should never eat any mushroom... Read More »

When drugs become OTC are they less effective than when they were prescription?

No, they are at lower doses that are safe in general to use as directed on the label. So a 200 mg tablet of naproxen isn't going to be as strong as 400 mg tablets, but they are safer to use without... Read More »

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Drugs & How They Affect Teens in School?

Teens can have access to many different types of drugs both at school and outside of school. Drugs such as ecstasy and ketamine are often available at parties with teens present. Heroin, hallucinog... Read More »