Is epsom salt a toxin removal?

Answer Epsom salt is commonly used for toxin removal. The sulfates in epsom salt have been shown to detoxify the human body of environmental and medicinal contaminants. These sulfates may best be absorbed... Read More »

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URGENT HELP!! can i eat after taking epsom salt (first session) and can we mix epsom salt with juice?

Eat something bland. Soup or applesauce. Did you also take the lemon juice with olive oil? That helps move the stones. You can mix the epsom salts with apple juice. Read More »

What is the difference between salt& epsom salt?

Table salt and epsom salt are used in different applications, such as food seasoning and remedies for muscle stress. Differences in structural composition between the two make them better suited fo... Read More »

Uses for Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is Epsom salt---also known as magnesium sulfate---whether you get it at the pharmacy, a gardening center or even the pet store. It's an inexpensive rock-like crystal that's often recomme... Read More »

What are the uses of epsom salt?

From the book Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary ThingsGet rid of raccoons Are the masked night marauders poking around your trash can, creating a mess and raising a din? A few tablespoons of Epsom s... Read More »