Is english toffee really from england?

Answer Candymakers in the United Kingdom have been making soft and crisp toffee for several centuries. The Oxford English Dictionary first mentions the confection in 1825, according to ... Read More »

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Why is english toffee important to the english?

There are many kinds of toffee, but English toffee is probably the best known and enjoyed by all. This delicious treat is said to have been made since the late 1800s.HistoryOne of the discoveries t... Read More »

Where did English toffee come from?

English toffee originated in England and became a common treat in the late 1800s. One type of toffee that is a national favorite is Everton toffee, named for the town in which it was originally mad... Read More »

How to Make English Toffee?

English toffee is a variety of toffee that is very buttery and often contains almonds. This recipe makes about 3 lbs (1.4 kg) of toffee.

Do people speak english in england?

People speak English in England. Except for the Norman French occupation from 1066 A.D. until the mid-15th century, English has remained the official language of England since the fifth century. Ge... Read More »