Is electric radiant heat economical?

Answer Radiant electric heat is economical because it heats up quickly and provides heat to the areas that need the warmth. Radiant heat can be confined to individual rooms, allowing you to only heat spac... Read More »

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How Efficient Is Electric Radiant Heat?

Electronic radiant heating is a method of warming a home in which electric coils are placed underneath a floor surface to heat from the ground up. Energy costs are typically 10 percent to 30 percen... Read More »

How to Install Electric Radiant Heat Mat Under a Tile Floor?

Electric radiant heat mats with wall-mounted thermostats are easy to install under new tile floors and provide comfortable, invisible heat at a reasonable cost. They work well as supplemental heat ... Read More »

Is a flame radiant heat or convection heat?

A flame is radiant heat. The flames in a fire give off the heat in a series of waves similar to that of the sun. Convection heat uses a middle source to heat the desired object. That middle sour... Read More »

What is the definition of radiant heat?

Heat that is given off by one source used to heat another object that is not connected to the original source is radiant heat. Radiant heat is also called infrared radiation.Heating TransferHeat d... Read More »