Can you get a disease from eating boogers?

Answer If you eat someone else's boogers, you could catch a cold. ANSWER: The mucous secreted by the nasal passages has the purpose of trapping disease-causing debris before it can enter your system, so... Read More »

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Your top 5 healthy eating habits?

1. Six small meals per day. The body will have a constant source of nutrients and you lower the risk of a big-meal insulin spike.2. Protein, carb, and fat with each meal. No pasta and sauce. T... Read More »

Why is eating healthy good for your body?

The benefits of eating healthy are abundant and long-lasting. Better skin tone, increased vitality, better sleep patterns and less risk of depression are just some of the benefits of eating healthy... Read More »

How early do you set a healthy eating example for your kids?

^I lost 5 lbs just being near the spam.3 months... this is a great age to start her on Cool Whip, and then move into ice cream around 5 - 5 1/2 months, Twizzlers are great when she starts teething,... Read More »

Why do children specifically pick their noses what is the fascination with eating boogers?

comAlthough there is no nutritional value in bogies, I eat it every day, because in my subconcious mind, i already know they are improving my immune system immensely. When a child sees, you, adult... Read More »