Is eating uncooked oatmeal healthy?

Answer Eating raw oats is healthy. In fact, raw oats contain digestive enzymes that help the body digest food. However, raw oats may not taste as sweet as cooked oats because heat is what causes the oats ... Read More »

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How many calories in tbsp of uncooked oatmeal?

How will eating raw uncooked chicken affect me?

you will get e.coli,salmonella or bird flu

What are the benefits of eating oatmeal every day?

(1) It lowers your cholesterol (2) Ease bowel movement (3) Contains alot of nutrients: fiber, calcium, iron, protein any more .... which are good for health (4) One of the ways of loosing weigth

Are oatmeal raisin cookies healthy?

On One Hand: Ingredients Show Health BenefitsOats are listed by the American Heart Association as a nutrient known to lower cholesterol and provide soluble fiber. According to the USDA, a metabolit... Read More »