Is eating mint candy OK while pregnant?

Answer Yes it should be fine. You just need to stay away from things that could give you food poisoning - unpasturised cheese being the main example. They've even retracted the advice to stay away from pe... Read More »

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It's a breath mint It's is a candy mint It's two Two Two mints in one What is it?

Can you make candy from the mint plant?

Mint leaves can be used directly in a candy recipe, such as truffles, or by making a mint extract to use in any candy recipe that calls for spearmint or peppermint extract. You can make a very simp... Read More »

How to Make a Candy Cane Mint Float?

Purely the best drink for the winter holidays - candy, hot cocoa, and ice cream all in one. Try this minty candy cane drink.Serves 1.

Does eating too many mint imperials make you ill?

Silly girls. that will teach you not to do that again, you just upset your digestive system a bit. too much of ANYTHING will do that to anyone you caused a lot of built up Gas inside your body. A G... Read More »