Is eating mint candy OK while pregnant?

Answer Yes it should be fine. You just need to stay away from things that could give you food poisoning - unpasturised cheese being the main example. They've even retracted the advice to stay away from pe... Read More »

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Can you die from eating pop rocks candy while drinking cola?

no - urban legendNone of the variants of this story were true -- no one was ever injured, let alone killed, by consuming Pop Rocks, with or without a soda.The fact is, a packet of the candy contain... Read More »

Is eating lemons while pregnant harmful?

No, eating lemons is not harmful to the baby. However, eating lemons undiluted is very harmful to the enamel on your teeth since they are very acidic. Moderation is the key.

Is Eating late at night while pregnant ok?

sure you can eat throughout the day just make sure its nothing that will upset your stomach

What are the effects of eating Basil while pregnant?

During pregnancy Basil should not be taken in any form. Although the side effects of taking basil during pregnancy are not known still it should be avoided especially in the first trimester.