Is eating ice bad for your teeth?

Answer I don't think so. it'd only be bad if you had sensitive teeth, I do it too

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Why is it when you brush your teeth after eating/drinking an orange/juice, leave a bad taste in your mouth?

When I eat spam and brush my teeth I get a weird taste too.It's just one of those trade offs.

Are you supposed to brush your teeth before or after eating breakfast?

i brush after just becase it makes more sense..

Does eating strawberries take place of brushing your teeth?

How do you get back to eating normally after you have your wisdom teeth removed?

I agree with TSR.I also believe, you should try to switch to normal foods. As TSR suggested, try to stay away from 'hard' & overly crisp foods [nachos, pretzels, hard & unroasted nuts] for a while ... Read More »