Is eating burnt things bad for you?

Answer I burn almost everything I try to cook and I'm still alive and kicking. LOL!I think people jumped on that bandwagon during the ancient times, when food was cooked on charcoal grills. Better yet, w... Read More »

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Can you really get cancer from eating burnt food?

yes, it is an influential factor. then again, life in general seems to cause cancer...

Since we are carbon-based creatures, wouldn't eating burnt toast be good for you?

They tell us it is carcinogenic which I assume they mean its perfectly fine for you because "they" are usually lying. My cousin used to eat coal and we eat burnt offerings and we are still alive.

Does Eating Avocado Do Good Things for Hair and Skin?

There are many health benefits from eating avocados, including healthy skin and hair. Applying the avocado in a mask is an excellent treatment for dry skin or damaged hair.

Why does eating spicy things like hot sauce make people go to the bathroom?

It doesn't make ME go to the bathroom. That doesn't mean it doesn't give me buttfireitis, though.