Can you get a disease from eating boogers?

Answer If you eat someone else's boogers, you could catch a cold. ANSWER: The mucous secreted by the nasal passages has the purpose of trapping disease-causing debris before it can enter your system, so... Read More »

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Why do children specifically pick their noses what is the fascination with eating boogers?

comAlthough there is no nutritional value in bogies, I eat it every day, because in my subconcious mind, i already know they are improving my immune system immensely. When a child sees, you, adult... Read More »

Is it good to eat boogers?

Not really but if you are starving then dig in! It won't kill you!

Is eating ice good for you?

Well, eating ice-as long as you don't chew it- is fine. Although, I recommend that you do not eat just ice during your lunch, maybe have a snack and ice as your lunch. And, to lose weight, you shou... Read More »

Is eating raw garlic any good?

Side Effects of Eating Raw GarlicGarlic has been believed to be an effective medical treatment for disease for more than 3,000 years. Researchers and health care professionals declare garlic to hav... Read More »