Is eating about 500 calories a day too little?

Answer Way too little

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I'm eating about 400 calories a day should I EAT LESS?

400 calories is not enough calories for you to exercise and perform daily functions. Don't try to lose weight by starving just isn't healthy. When you say overweight, is this your o... Read More »

Would you gain a pound by eating 3500 calories or by eating a pound of food?

Candy is mostly sugar, which is very easy for the body to turn into body fat meaning you'll gain a lot of weight.Broccoli doesn't contain much sugar or fat so it will be a lot harder for your body ... Read More »

A question about eating after not eating for a while?

Start with small servings of fruit to give you some fructose for energy. Have things like almonds, seaweed, cashews, walnuts. These are all going to give you good fats and the seaweed is a natura... Read More »

How many calories should I be eating,?

The recommended number of calories is 2000 a day. Exercising regularly will also help.