Is eating 3 times a day healthy?

Answer On One Hand: Eating Small Meals Helps You Lose WeightStudies have shown that people who eat small meals throughout the day consume fewer calories. A 1999 study in South Africa showed that men ate ... Read More »

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Is eating ground chicken as healthy as eating chicken breast?

if you take the same cut of meat eg chick breasts and mince it or have a butcher mince it for you then sure.however minced chicken usually includes meat from allover the bird like the thigh meat an... Read More »

How to Eat Healthy When Eating Out?

Eating out in a restaurant used to be something people did infrequently to celebrate a special event or occasion. Today, however, eating out is a daily occurrence for many. The average restaurant m... Read More »

Is eating raw food healthy?

On One Hand: Fruits and VegetablesEating raw fruits and vegetables is very healthy. The cooking process breaks down the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables. This dep... Read More »

How to Set up Healthy Eating Guidelines?

If you are setting out to change your eating habits you may not know where to begin. Set up some healthy eating guidelines by following these simple suggestions.