Is earl grey supposed to taste like soap?

Answer No way!!! Earl Grey is black tea flavored with bergamot, which is a small citrus, a cross between lemons and oranges. Your tea should taste citrusy, NOT soapy!In regards to the previous answers, a... Read More »

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I am slightly obsessed with Earl Grey tea. Could anyone recommend tea with a similar taste Or a good brand ?

Taxo makes an excellent brand of Earl Grey

What is traditional, pink bubblegum supposed to taste like?

How to Make Earl Grey Ice Cream?

Earl grey has a distinctive taste that is beloved by many. When used in ice cream, it is delicate and flavoursome.

How to Make Herbal Earl Grey Tea?

Herbal "Earl Grey" tea is a blend that you can make yourself at home, provided you have access to bergamot.Note that commercial Earl Grey tea does not use the herb bergamot but the citrus fruit ber... Read More »