Is ear ringing normal or not?

Answer It is not normal to hear ringing frequently. You have a Tinnitus is a symptom.…

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Is head pressure and ringing in the ears normal after a dental procedure?

AnswerNo! You should call the dentist! Make sure that they did not do anything wrong. Good luck to you.

Slight ringing in ears?

The term tinnitus is from the Latin word tinnire which means "to ring". However, the sounds may take many forms, like humming, hissing, whistling, roaring or clicking.Although tinnitus is common an... Read More »

How to Stop Ringing in Ears?

That there is no cure for tinnitus in the sense that you get to stop ringing in ears by popping some pills or something is one fact that the sufferers of the condition must understand. It can indee... Read More »

Why do you get that ringing in your ear?

Hi~~If you are already experiencing blurring vision due to your medication, then yes the ringing of your ears may also be caused by this same thing. You may also have what is called Tenitis (sp?). ... Read More »