Is e-filing taxes safe?

Answer On One Hand: IRS Says It's SafeMillions of people choose to file their taxes online, and the IRS website even has a large section encouraging people to e-file their taxes. Companies offering e-file... Read More »

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How to Get Help Filing Taxes?

Preparing and filing your income taxes can be a difficult task, but help is out there, and some of it is even free. Finding the help, however, can be as difficult as actually preparing the taxes. I... Read More »

Can the IRS charge you for not filing taxes?

There is a rush to pay file taxes by April 15 with good reason. If you are not self-employed or you have any major loans or assets, you are in the IRS's line of site. All business must file tax for... Read More »

Students Filing Taxes?

Typically, without a full-time job, students don't need to file for taxes. Nevertheless, there are some questions that a student may ask themselves before filing. They may wonder if they need to fi... Read More »

What are the benefits of filing taxes?

More than 64 million taxpayers received refunds in 2008 because they overpaid on their taxes. Tax returns factor in deductions, exemptions and credits that can reduce your tax liability.Significanc... Read More »