Is dual citizenship allowed in the Philippines?

Answer The Philippines allows its residents to hold dual citizenship. The Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003 allows all Philippine citizens who become citizens of other countries to reta... Read More »

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How do I acquire dual citizenship?

Check the LawsApply for the second citizenship you desire. Dual citizenship is not recognized under U.S. law, but it is not forbidden either. Therefore, applying for a second citizenship is an affa... Read More »

Define Dual Citizenship?

Initially, holding two passports may seem like it would have many advantages. And in many cases, it does. However, with dual citizenship comes dual responsibilities. And, while in some cases a dual... Read More »

How to File for Dual Citizenship?

Every country has its own laws regarding dual citizenship. The United States allows its citizens to hold a second nationality with any nation the individual qualifies to hold one with, whether earn... Read More »

How to Obtain Dual Citizenship?

Every person is considered a citizen of at least 1 country. It is legal for people to be considered citizens of 2 countries. This is referred to as dual citizenship. A dual citizenship status can b... Read More »