Is dsl better than cable internet?

Answer On One Hand: DSL Cheaper, More SecureDSL offers an Internet connection that constantly remains connected to the Internet via a phone line. It is a better choice over cable Internet in regards to se... Read More »

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Is wireless internet better than cable and dsl?

OH YES - I just got it and it is wonderful. We actually got the lowest wireless speed ($29.95) per month and it works great.If you do get the wireless be sure and set it up with a password so that... Read More »

Does video cable sound better than audio cable?

Assuming you are talking about coaxial patch cables with RCA connectors, the answer is no--there is no detectable difference. (There are many people who will disagree with that, but they tend to be... Read More »

Is hdmi cable better than a dvi-d cable and if so how?

HDMI is better because it can send digital audio on the same cable, is a smaller connector (more portable) and can support 3D. DVI is better because it has a locking connector, can support both ana... Read More »

Is satellite Internet faster than cable?

Determining which is faster, cable or satellite, depends on the provider and Internet connection package chosen, according to the Federal Communications Commission. However, satellite connections a... Read More »