Is dry cat food OK for puppies?

Answer On One Hand: Not Nutritious EnoughCats need more calories, more protein and more taurine in their diets than dogs do. While dogs are omnivores (meat and vegetable eaters) cats are carnivores (meat ... Read More »

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When do puppies eat dry food?

On One Hand: Puppies Ween NaturallyThe weening process in puppies will occur on its own. In the wild, puppies will drink mother's milk for several months and slowly integrate new foods. There is no... Read More »

Food & Toy Aggression in Puppies?

Puppies may become aggressive over their toys, food, treats or other objects. This is a type of aggression commonly referred to as possession aggression. Aggression of any kind, while a natural ins... Read More »

What kind of food is best for the mother of newborn puppies?

On One Hand: Calorie NeedsA mother of newborn puppies needs many calories to nurse. According to the National Academy of Sciences, anywhere from 1,645 to 5,437 daily calories are needed for lactati... Read More »

How Long Should Poodle Puppies Be on Puppy Food?

Often while giving a PowerPoint presentation, it helps to have notes in front of you so that you know what is coming up on the next slide. You can print out the slides onto full pages, but these ca... Read More »