Is drinking wine a sin to Catholics?

Answer Catholics do not believe drinking wine is a sin--in fact, they use wine for the important ritual of communion. Jesus drank wine, and his first miracle was turning water into wine. Catholics follow ... Read More »

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I've been drinking red wine and am now out, but have some white wine how can I go the change over without?

The only reason you would feel sick tomorrow would be if you stopped drinking long enough to sober up. Just keep a steady stream of alcohol in your system and all will be right with the world.

Are we drinking too much wine?

You drink the perfect amount of wine and you will never be an alcoholic. For your self-diagnosed anxiety, see a doctor so it can be determined if you require additional help and/or medication.

The Bad Consequences of Drinking Wine?

Many studies have shown the positive effects of drinking one to two glasses of wine a day. These effects include sharper memory, healthy weight, protection from stomach and ovarian cancers, stronge... Read More »

Can you get drunk from drinking wine?