Is drinking to much water bad for you?

Answer we should ideally drink at least eight glasses of water a day, only 10% do so. Over half the population only drink between one and four glasses of water a day, and this can lead to dehydration.

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Will drinking too much water lead to water retention?

On One Hand: Drinking Too Much Water Can Make Retention WorseSeveral common medical conditions cause people to retain water. Many women, for example, experience water retention prior to their menst... Read More »

Drinking alot of water nowadays (tapwater). Is it fine drinking tap water or should I filter it?

Well good for you being healthy! You should invest in a water filter, because there are many chemicals in tap water that need to be filtered. So no, a filter is not for taste, it is for safety. You... Read More »

Drinking too much water?

its rubbish, drink as much water you like its good for health.....

Am i drinking to much water?

A healthy person can drink about three gallons (48 cups) of water per day. Drinking too much water too quickly can lead to water intoxication. Water intoxication occurs when water dilutes the sodiu... Read More »