Is drinking to much tea bad?

Answer Tea basically is herbally-flavored water, so no, it's not bad for you to be drinking that much. Besides tasting great, tea has many long term and short term health benefits.

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Are we drinking too much?

This is the fifth time you have asked the very same question.So far, you have received a total of 22 answers.Just what answer are you looking for or are you just trolling for sympathy or can'tcome ... Read More »

I'm drinking to much pop?

You are more than likely going to get kidney failure, or diabetes. Maybe even both. Drink water, It will make you feel better. You just need to focus. You will crave sodas for the next 2 week... Read More »

Is drinking to much water bad for you?

we should ideally drink at least eight glasses of water a day, only 10% do so. Over half the population only drink between one and four glasses of water a day, and this can lead to dehydration.

Am i drinking to much coffee?

No such thing. Come over, and we will have a coffee drinking [or enema, whatever] party.