Is drinking salt water to loose weight bad for you?

Answer You don't lose fat by drinking salt water. It sucks the water out of you and you shrivel up like a raisin. Then they scale says "congrats! keep it up"

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How to Convert Salt Water into Drinking Water?

According to, 98 percent of the water on the earth's surface is stored in oceans and so has a high salt content. Despite increasing water scarcity, humans cannot drink this vital water... Read More »

How to Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water?

Feeling thirsty and all you have is salt water? Well, no problem. Turn it into drinking water by following these simple steps.

Why Does Drinking Salt Water Dehydrate You?

The planet is mostly covered in water. Our bodies are mostly water too. The seas contain salt, and so do we, but the seas contain a lot more salt than we can survive on; excess salt is toxic to hum... Read More »