Is drinking of Tea beneficial for your health or not?

Answer It is beneficial..... at least for me.

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How are dogs beneficial to your health?

Known as man's best friend, that familiar moniker may ring true more than many dog owners realize when it comes to their health.Reduce StressIt's a fact: Dogs are good at lowering stress. A study b... Read More »

Why is fruit juice beneficial for our health?

I prefer raw fruit, but fruit juices are also good - unless sweetened. Soft drinks always contain sweeteners - sugar or sugarless artificial sweeteners that are no better. Benefits come from digest... Read More »

Health - Is tender coconut drinking daily good for health or will it lead to cold ?

A very Good question!Tender coconut has several minerals and nutritions required for body. It is recommended even for infants by Doctors. Definitely it is not a cause for cold.MGR the ex chief mini... Read More »

Is the popular Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement beneficial for improved health OR just a huge waste of money?

my son and wife used to use something similar. they had leg cramps. it worked. i commonly take a calcium citrate with vitamin D. i don,t get a lot of dairy. i have no leg cramps, so have no magnesi... Read More »