Is drinking lots of lucozade really bad for you?

Answer It will raise his chance of him developing diabetes. And yes , it is bad for himPS , stop posting this regarding your friend , your secret's arent working

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Will drinking lucozade give me diabetes?

No. Its bollocks.You may put on weight though, becaus eof all the extra calories.

Is drinking lots of tea bad for you?

not in itself, but tea can have lots of sugar and/or caffeine in it, and that can be bad for you.... check out the nutritional facts and see how much of these are in your tea, if it is high, you do... Read More »

IF driving and drinking is against the law, why do all the bars have parking lots?

So you have a place to park and a backseat "just incase" you find a girl drunk enough to go there with you.Seriously, what a dumb question though... Here's another one...Why do they have public sch... Read More »

Is drinking lots of tea or coffee good enough to keep me hydrated?

Drink coffee or tea when ever you want however keep enough water in your system to help with very thing. It's not bad though.