Is drinking green tea bad for staining your teeth?

Answer Yes it is. After you drink it clean your teeth. I was told this by an oral hygienist after I started getting brown stains on my teeth and I had to have my teeth cleaned. She actually said that a lo... Read More »

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Can just drinking water or green tea and brushing your teeth and togue get rid of the white tongue?

Cleansing the tongue daily should take care of your botheration, I think; If you don't have a scraper, you may use a dirtless hankie for cleansing;

How to Prevent Staining of the Teeth?

Stains are of 2 types: intrinsic stains and the extrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are those which are present on surface of tooth and intrinsic stains are those which are present inside tooth surf... Read More »

Can you get your period faster by drinking hot green tea?

No, if that was the case virtually the entire female population of child-bearing age in Britain would be getting their periods early.

Why is it when you brush your teeth after eating/drinking an orange/juice, leave a bad taste in your mouth?

When I eat spam and brush my teeth I get a weird taste too.It's just one of those trade offs.