Is drinking coffee a good idea before a test?

Answer Drinking one or two cups of coffee will make you more alert, I personally drink it to help me write. However, it is also a diuretic, which means it will pull water out of your system and make you u... Read More »

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Drinking water before a pregannacy test?

not a good needs to settle in your system....the best time to take one, for this reason, is right when you wake up

Can you drink coffee before a thyroid test?

If you are only being tested for thyroid function, and your doctor has not asked you to do otherwise, you do not need to fast.

I'm addicted to coffee o.O is decaff a good idea?

Decaff still has caffeine in it, just a much smaller amount. Decaff does not mean caffeine free, but it might be a good idea to switch or at least cut down. You might also want to stop all caffeine... Read More »

Is coffee drinking good for our health?

Hi dude :)Coffee is a pain killer and it revives mind, body & soul.. But don't add sugar.. Try to use Sugar free which also has calorie conscious.. Having Coffee only Twice a day is really good for... Read More »