Is drilling oil in Alaska good or bad?

Answer On One Hand: Large Oil ReservesAccording to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge website, ANWR almost assuredly contains at least one "super oil field" (500 million barrels of oil) and anywhere from... Read More »

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Is There Oil Drilling in Alaska?

There are multiple oil wells throughout Alaska, including a major oil field at Prudhoe Bay on the state's north shore. The recent controversy revolves around expanding oil drilling into Alaska's Ar... Read More »

When did oil drilling start in Alaska?

Prospectors drilled Alaska's first oil well in 1898, just south of present-day Anchorage, according to the Alaska Humanities Forum. These wells and later wells proved either not productive or not c... Read More »

Drilling for Oil in Alaska's Wildlife Refuge?

Drilling for oil in Alaska's wildlife refuge, namely the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, is a topic under much debate as gas prices climb and concerns over dependency on foreign oil grow. Despite ... Read More »

What percentage of oil from Alaska drilling is sold out of the country?

As of 2010, Alaska does not export any oil outside of the United States. The last year that Alaskan oil was exported out of the country was 2004. From 1996 to 2004 the state exported 2.7 percent of... Read More »