Is dried blood ever black?

Answer Dried blood ranges from dark red to black. Black indicates hemolysis (degradation of blood). Also a bleeding from a vein is darker from a superficial injury which involves usually capillaries.Nothi... Read More »

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Can you get HIV from touching dried blood?

On One Hand: There Is No RiskThe HIV virus exists in low concentrations in the blood to begin with and can only be contracted through a direct sharing of certain bodily fluids such as semen and blo... Read More »

Can you get AIDS from touching dried blood?

On One Hand: Transmission Probability is ZeroInfection with the virus that causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) requires touching body fluids of an infected individual, notes Jacquelyn ... Read More »

How do you get dried blood out of wool carpet?

Put some unflavored Carbonated Water on the stain, and then blot it with a cloth soaked in Cold water and wrung out. If the carbonated water comes straight from the refrigerator, so much the better... Read More »

I still can't get the dried-on blood out of my balaclava, any tips?