Is downloading torrents from pirate bay illegal?

Answer Torrenting, in itself, is *not* illegal. Peer to peer downloading is a completely legitimate way to download files. BUT.If you are downloading copyrighted material (video games, movies, music, tv s... Read More »

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Could i get sued for downloading torrents if im outside the US?

It's not what you are outside. It's what you are inside. Most western countries co-operate in copyright crime. If you were in Iran or North Korea, you might not be bothered. Here in China, they mak... Read More »

Slow with downloading torrents?

What torrent program are you using? For Utorrent I went to youtube and there was a step by step video guide on what need to be tweaked. It very easy video to follow and now my torrent downloading ... Read More »

Downloading Torrents, what does 'crack' mean?

This info that i give to you is for information purposes only and is not intended to incourage this behaviour.The term "crack" is basically saying that you can get programs for free, by "cracking" ... Read More »

Is downloading from torrents a Crime?

If you are in India, you don't have much to fear. However it is unethical to torrent copyrighted material.