Is downloading torrent illegal?

Answer Torrents are 100% legal, if they are linked to NON-Copyrighted materials. If they are linked to copyrighted content, then using the torrent to download it IS illegal.Torrents are a means to an end,... Read More »

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Can you watch a torrent while it is downloading?

Some torrent clients allow users to preview a video while it is downloading. For instance, BitTorrent allows a user to right-click and select "Preview" while the video is downloading. The only down... Read More »

How to Block Torrent Downloading?

Downloading files through torrenting is an increasingly popular activity. However, many files that get downloaded this way are done so illegally, and you may not want that to happen on your compute... Read More »

Best site for torrent downloading?

I recommend legal methods of acquiring what you need.

Is downloading torrent music legal?

The act of downloading music from a torrent is not illegal; however, many torrents violate intellectual property laws. When files are downloaded without the permission of the copyright owner, the i... Read More »