Is downloading this video illegal?

Answer It depends on certain things. Are they a band that doesn't have the rights to their songs? What label are they on? If they are on a label that is the label controled by the RIAA???If the band thems... Read More »

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How can I cut off the last few seconds of this video I recorded without downloading anything?

Make sure that you have a second copy before you do it in case it does not work and ruins the original.

Why is music downloading illegal?

Music downloading may occur in a legal manner as long as the person pays for the song or album. Downloading music illegally violates copyright laws meant to protect the rights of musicians and ente... Read More »

Is downloading LimeWire illegal?

Downloading LimeWire, the P2P or peer to peer file sharing program, is not illegal. However, using LimeWire to download or distribute copyright protected materials such as music, movies, games and ... Read More »

Is FrostWire illegal downloading?

It depends. FrostWire is a peer-to-peer application that allows you to share files. Downloading and uploading of uncopyrighted material is legal. However, downloading of any type of copyrighted mat... Read More »