Is downloading things from the internet illegal?

Answer it depends on country...where are you?

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Is downloading music off the internet illegal?

Downloading music is a complex issue. It is indeed illegal to download music that is copyrighted if you did not purchase the song. You can, however, download music from an authorized music store li... Read More »

Is downloading from Winmx illegal?

Downloading shared files from the Winmx program is not illegal if the files are not copyrighted. Downloading copyrighted movies, music and other copyrighted files is a federal crime punishable by l... Read More »

Is downloading torrents from pirate bay illegal?

Torrenting, in itself, is *not* illegal. Peer to peer downloading is a completely legitimate way to download files. BUT.If you are downloading copyrighted material (video games, movies, music, tv s... Read More »

Is downloading songs from YouTube illegal?

Downloading songs from YouTube is illegal. This is due to the fact that YouTube is a streaming service, not a download service, which means that downloading videos in any form is against the terms ... Read More »