Is downloading stuff off umnet free?

Answer yes it is, and all the games work very well

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Can I still finish downloading stuff even though my computer is off?

Do people really go to jail for downloading stuff off the internet?

Jail, no. Fined...yes.In the USA, 26,000 people have faced civil lawsuits for using P2P file-shareing programs such as Limewire to steal and share copyrighted music, software, movies, etc.People DO... Read More »

Are there any free downloading programs that allow free music downloads legally (like LimeWire).?

There currently is no such thing. The only free music you are going to get is usually indie music. Popular music (the kind you hear on the radio) is copyrighted. Even if you download it for "fre... Read More »

How many times people scroll down and reads the term and condition while downloading stuff from internet?

I have learnt my lesson from past mistakes from installing things without reading it properly, have had a virus a couple of times on the computer. I dont download things now unless i know they are ... Read More »