Is downloading music illegal if you don't share your files?

Answer Downloading any copyrighted material you did not pay for is illegal.

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Is it illegal to share a Music CD you bought from a store, and sharing it with a friend for downloading?

It IS ILLEGAL indeed. ALL CD labels say: Unauthorised copying, hiring, LENDING, public performance, broadcasting and REDISTRIBUTION of this record prohibited.

Is downloading music for your own personal use illegal?

It depends on the source from which you are downloading the music. In general, if you are using a P2P (peer-to-peer) network, then you are downloading music illegally. The only music that can be do... Read More »

Is it illegal to download music, or is it just illegal to share downloaded music?

Technically the act of using Limewire/Kazaa/Morpheus or any other P2P file sharing system IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. However, the act of sharing copyrighted music is what the authorities will prosecute fo... Read More »

Does downloading illegal music onto your iphone 5 make it slower?

No... but of course don't get music illegally...