Is downloading LimeWire illegal?

Answer Downloading LimeWire, the P2P or peer to peer file sharing program, is not illegal. However, using LimeWire to download or distribute copyright protected materials such as music, movies, games and ... Read More »

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Is downloading from Limewire to your iPod illegal?

If the music is copyrighted, then yes, it is illegal download the music from Limewire and put it on your iPod or any other portable music player. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ... Read More »

Do you use illegal downloading sites, such as LimeWire, etc?

No, it is illegal. I just buy songs off of iTunes. Also, sometimes there are viruses that mess up your computer or iPod/mP3 player.

Is downloading music from Limewire Illegal?

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Is downloading music on Limewire illegal?

the actual limewire site isn't illegal,but downloading music from it is.any music u get for free is illegal.