Is downloading Lime Wire illegal?

Answer No. it's not illegal but people do illegal thing there. you can share things there like as long as it's not copyrighted. and most people there doesn't care if they're doing the right thing

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Is downloading songs from Lime wire illegal?

Yes, downloading anything that you did not pay for from Limewire, or any other peer-to-peer program is illegal, because the artist should be getting money for copies of their album/from websites wh... Read More »

Can you get a virus from downloading on Lime Wire 4.12.14?

You can get a virus from downloading anything, from anywheres. You need to scan any files you download with a reputable anti-virus scanner before opening them. Also check file sizes on Limewire bef... Read More »

Is lime wire illegal?

Limewire itself is not illegal. Sharing copyright-protected music/movies/books/etc. over a p2p system such as Limewire is illegal. People do actually get busted for using Limewire to do this (look ... Read More »

Lime Wire illegal..... is it safe?

Using Peer 2 Peer programs like Limewire is legal to use as long as the files you download are legitimate and are freeware files. However, downloading copyrighted music, movies, TV shows, computer ... Read More »