Is dotnetinstaller.exe a virus or spyware?

Answer The process dotnetinstaller.exe is not a virus or spyware. It is an install file for Microsoft's .net framework and is associated with the InstallShield Software Corporation. The Microsoft .net fra... Read More »

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What is a spyware virus?

Spyware viruses are unwanted types of software that become installed on a computer by accident. The companies that create spyware offer additional software--for a price--to remove the unwanted soft... Read More »

Is Spyware 2009 a virus?

Spyware 2009, also known as Spyware Protect 2009, is not a virus. It is a fake spyware removal program installed onto your computer by Trojans. It will say that your computer is infected with virus... Read More »

Do you need virus&spyware protection?

On One Hand: Protection Software Keeps Computers SafeComputer viruses and spyware are a constant threat to PC users. Operating systems come equipped with built-in protection against nefarious progr... Read More »


Your getting some poor answers here, first off you have a rogue program on your PC, no AV will remove this, run:…then download:http://www.superantispyware.... Read More »