Is dopamine a narcotic?

Answer Dopamine is not a narcotic drug but is instead something known as a "neurotransmitter." Dopamine is produced naturally and is associated with the pleasure center of the brain. Substances like cocai... Read More »

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Anyone had an baby with narcotic withdrawls I'm 36 wks and on narcotic painkillers please read!?

I was living off percocent the last month due to my uterine fibroids pushing into my spine. I couldn't bend over, squat, carry anything...My baby came out just fine. She's 7 months and happy, healt... Read More »

What are the basic differences between narcotic and non-narcotic painkillers?

It depends how bad it is. I know that at the pharmacy I work in, we always give people the non-narcotics to try first before sending them to the doc to get a perscription for a true narcotic. Besid... Read More »

Is Relpax a narcotic?

Relpax is not a narcotic; it is a triptan used to treat migraine headaches. It is believed to reduce migraine pain by constricting the blood vessels that surround the brain. It can also reduce sen... Read More »

Is fentanyl a narcotic?

Fentanyl is an extremely potent narcotic used for those in the severest of pain. It is commonly delivered in the form of a pill or a patch, or injected as an anesthetic during surgery. Fentanyl is ... Read More »