Is donating plasma bad for you i need to know before i go ?

Answer It's not necessarily good for you, but it won't kill you. Otherwise, why would they allow people to donate? And about your other question - cold sores /are/ herpes - they're one in the same. Look i... Read More »

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Is donating plasma hygienic?

Apheresis plasma kits are sterile, self-contained, single use sets consisting of attached needle, tubing, centrifuge bag and final collection bag. At no time during collection is donor whole blood... Read More »

How to Get Paid For Donating Plasma?

One liter of plasma produces about four grams of immunoglobulin, which is used to create therapies to treat people with immune deficiencies. [1]While approximately 11 million liters of source plasm... Read More »

Donating plasma..brusing?

No, not likely you will be able to donate with bruising. They want clean skin. Clean skin means less risk for pure blood. It's ok. The bruises will heal soon enough.

How much do you get paid for donating plasma?

Depending on the plasma donation center, you can expect to be paid about $30 per visit for donating plasma. With having had a hepatitis B vaccination, you can expect to receive about $50 for your p... Read More »