How can I tell if my cactus is dead or alive?

Answer when a plant dies it dries out and turns brown so yours is alive. They generally won't ooze. The soil dries out because the upper part of the plant soaks it in. If you keep watering it, it will gro... Read More »

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Are there any celebrities who are said to be dead, but you believe to be alive?

Most celebrities are dead love!They just dont know it yet!

Did mr bean alive or dead?

Are bones alive or dead?

When we are alive, so are our bones. Bones have nerves and blood vessels. They also store calcium and other minerals and have cells that help them to grow and repair. When a person dies, the bones ... Read More »

Is bob barker dead or alive?

Rove McManus commonly uses the phrase ath the end of the program he hosts, "Rove Live", aired in Australia and New Zealand.