Is dog license and registration the same?

Answer Yes, but only when you are looking to adopt an elephant are they different.

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Can you have a new jersey registration with a new york license plate?

License plates are an outward symbol of a vehicle's registration, so a car with New York license plates must be registered in New York. The only circumstances in which a car with New York plates mi... Read More »

Which side of the license plate does registration go on in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, a registration sticker goes on the top left side of the license plate. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website states that residents can renew their driver’s licens... Read More »

Is a business license the same thing as an occupational license?

The terms "business license" and "occupational license" are used interchangeably in some cities, towns and counties. Certain areas combine the terms and offer business occupational licenses. Howeve... Read More »

Can you hold an LPN license& an RN license at the same time?

Typically, a person will obtain a licensed practical nurse (LPN) license before working towards a registered nurse (RN) license. If she decides to return to school for an RN license, she will take ... Read More »