Is dog flea protection needed in winter?

Answer On One Hand: Fleas Are Always AroundIt takes up to eight months for a flea egg to hatch and develop into an adult. That means the eggs, which have managed to nestle into your dog's bed or the carpe... Read More »

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Natural Flea Protection for Puppies?

Puppies can become easy targets for fleas due to their soft coats and inquisitive minds. Fleas can become an extremely dangerous condition for puppies as they not only spread disease and germs but ... Read More »

Allergic Reaction to Sergeants Gold Flea Protection?

Flea control is a serious concern for many dog owners, since fleas can cause not just itching and scratching, but anemia and other health conditions. Sergeant's Gold Flea Protection is a popular an... Read More »

Why is antivirus protection needed?

Anti-virus protection is necessary for your computer, especially if you plan on using the computer online. It's not just viruses that you need protection from; there are numerous other kinds of att... Read More »

How much hearing protection is needed when shooting?

When shooting any type of gun or standing near others who are shooting, ear protection should be worn. When firing a gun, you should wear both earplugs and earmuffs at the same time, according to t... Read More »