Is dizziness in teens normal?

Answer Drinking in teens is normal.

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Is it normal to have dizziness at 18 weeks?

%DETAILS% Answer If you were on bed-rest it could be circulation, but dizziness is also common in pregnancy too.

Is dizziness in the second trimester normal?

Answer Dizzyness in the second trimester is normal! Many women experience a drop in blood pressure as the body tries to adjust to an increase in blood volume. The typical pattern is lower than nor... Read More »

Is headache with dizziness normal in the third trimester?

Answer I'm not sure if it's normal, but it happened to me when I was pregnant. In the third trimester I was miserable with terrible migraines that made me feel as if the room was spinning. The onl... Read More »

Is a lot of dizziness normal at 36 weeks gestation?

Answer A "lot" of dizziness is never normal. Seek medical attention