Is dizziness after eating a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Im wondering this too, but I think Im just going to take a test and find out for myself, because Ive been experiencing this. Hopefully some one who is preggers will tell us, lol.

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Is dizziness a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Dizziness can be caused by so many things thst it is not diagnostic.  many women who are pregnant feel dizzy from time to time as the hormones and fluid balance of the body change.

Is dizziness an early sign pregnancy?

I don't believe so. Early signs of pregnancy: Headaches Mood swings Bloating, fullness, aches in the abdominal You go pee a lot :) Nausea and Vomiting Breast changes Sleepiness No menstrual... Read More »

Is abdominal pain and dizziness a sign of pregnancy?

Answerit could be a sign, i am have the same thing happening to me, plus other this as well but i would take a test, that's what i am goin to do! wish me luck!

Is eating a lot a sign of pregnancy?

AnswerYes it is, but if you're not sure that you're pregnant and you're stressing over it of not knowing, it could be that you're eating a lot because you long to know the answer if you are or not.... Read More »