Is dissolution of marriage the same as divorce?

Answer Dissolution of marriage and divorce are basically the same thing. Both terms refer to the legal ending of a marriage relationship. California was the first state to use the term "dissolution of mar... Read More »

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Difference Between Divorce & Dissolution of Marriage?

The only ways a married couple can end their relationship are through either an annulment, a divorce, or by the death of one spouse. Traditionally, divorces had to be based on specific fault groun... Read More »

How long after a petition for dissolution of a marriage is recorded is a divorce final?

After filing for a petition for dissolution of marriage, the time it takes for the divorce to finalize varies based on factors including your state's waiting period and how well your spouse and you... Read More »

Dissolution of Marriage in India?

Indian society traditionally looks upon the dissolution of marriage as a social stigma, and Indians rarely divorce. However, as the country becomes increasingly Westernized, the divorce rate slowly... Read More »

How do I file a dissolution of marriage?

InformationFiling for a dissolution of marriage, or divorce, can be complicated. Gather any necessary paperwork, bank account records or mortgage documents before actually filing the papers.Decisio... Read More »