Is displaying American flag in NH condos lawful?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine the guidelines for hanging other than window treatments in windows.

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What is the etiquette for displaying the american flag?

As a living symbol, the American flag represents the United States. Certain rules of etiquette are in place aiming to protect the flag and its standing. Adhering to them shows respect for the symbo... Read More »

In Texas is it lawful to limit number of condos one person can own in a complex?

Whether or not it is a law in Texas, it may be a rule in your governing documents. Read them to discover if there is a limit to the number of units you can own, and if there is, what that limit mig... Read More »

What are the rules for flying a flag other than an American flag in a condominium complex.?

I think the rules only apply when you have the US as well. For example, if you have US & state, US has to be higher & so forth and there are times when it should not be excluded depending on others... Read More »

How to Respect the American Flag?

The American Flag is an important symbol of the American nation. It is considered to be very important by patriots to learn what it is and how to respect it properly. Below are some rules and guide... Read More »