Is directV a good deal?

Answer Yes. In storms, Direct TV is always the first to get reception back. In my opinion , Direct TV is more than worth the price you pay in the long run. (:

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Is this a good deal or bad deal--found a 1987 VW Cab Karmann edition the motor has 169000 on it interior and body looks good all electrical appears to work top needs repl and can pick it up for 1300?

Who is the better deal - directv or dish?

directv, better programming, local ,regular, premium,sports,hd and international and better price

Is directv good?

heck no directv is sssooo bad dish is beter by farrr. Yes I definitely recommend them no problem with Direct TV so far and the customer service is very pro...I know you can get cheap packages start... Read More »

How many channels do DirecTV offer for how much how long is that price good for?

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