Is direct energy worth it?

Answer On One Hand: Direct Energy Is a Strong CompanyDirect Energy shows prominently in such news sites as USA Today for showcasing new devices that save energy including a smart grid that alerts home own... Read More »

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Is college worth the money, time&energy?

On One Hand: College Can Be Worth the Money.According to a study by the College Board, it pays in time, money and effort to go to college. It reports that students with college degrees make more mo... Read More »

Is a solar energy system worth the investment?

Whether a solar energy system is worth the investment depends on where you live and how long you live there. A solar system in Seattle will save about $30 per month but take nearly 37 years to brea... Read More »

Is nuclear energy worth the environmental cost?

On One Hand: Nuclear Power Reduces Air PollutionAccording to a widely referenced 1998 essay by Ilan Lipper and Jon Stone of the University of Michigan, there are over 110 nuclear power plants opera... Read More »

What is the direct source of energy used by a sarcomere?

Sarcomeres are the functional units of cardiac and skeletal muscles. During contraction, myosin heads attach to actin binding sites, and pull them toward each other in a power stroke, shortening th... Read More »