Is dilation before effacement normal or does the body do both at the same time?

Answer Answer Yes. Natural childbirth hurts more though.

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How would you use effacement in a sentence What is the complete definition of effacement?

Effacement refers to a stage in labor during which the cervix becomes thin and begins the process of dilation which moves the cervix out of the way so the baby can be born. When the cervix is fully... Read More »

What is the normal dilation measurement of cervix for vaginal delivery to occur?

What does time dilation mean?

Time dilation refers to the relation of time to motion. At very high speeds, time will appear to slow down to a stationary observer.Special Theory of RelativityAlbert Einstein published the special... Read More »

Does centrifugal force cause time dilation?

Centrifugal force does not cause time dilation. Time dilation is an effect wherein two different observers measure different elapsed times for the same event because of their relative motion. This ... Read More »