I drank dihydrogen monoxide! What should I do?

Answer Ha ha ha. Your friend has got you. Enjoy your drink of water.

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I drank dihydrogen monoxide, what should I do?

That is water...H2O!!!!!!!Di: 2Hydrogen: HMono: 1Oxide: ODihydrogen monoxide = H20!!!

What is the chemical formula for dihydrogen monoxide?

Dihydrogen hydroxide, an unfamiliar way to say water, has a chemical formula of H2O. The H2O refers to the fact that water consists of two hydrogen atoms, and one atom of oxygen bonded covalently.S... Read More »

What can we do to stop the use of dihydrogen monoxide on our crops?

You think you have it bad. Here in Spain, people actually fire the stuff at you from small plastic weapons. (I guess they are made from plastic to confound all the metal detectors at the airports).... Read More »

Where can you buy carbon monoxide gas from?

You can buy it where they sell oxygen and acetlene. We use to buy it to put down dogs and cats. It expensive.